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How easy is it to do Pilates online?

It couldn’t be easier. There are 3 easy steps

Step 1. Click on  https://zoom.us and download Zoom for free

Step 2. Contact us for a free session to help you to set up your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone so that your instructor will be able to see you and interact with you. 

Step 3. Cick on the link we send you to join your class – and enjoy being in a class, with all the benefits that brings, without running any risk of infection or battling bad weather!

“…it’s great to be with my classmates. It may be virtual, but it feels good." ~ Gordana, Thursday mornings

What age group can do Pilates?

It is more appropriate to consider your current condition of health, rather than your age. When you contact us, we will help you to assess whether your chosen class is suitable for you. If we think it might not be suitable, we will do our best to suggest another class.

I have a bad back will it be safe for me?

Depending on the nature of your problem. We might ask you to check with your doctor or specialist first. We are not physiotherapists and while we can modify exercises to some extent, the classes are designed for people who can reasonably be expected to be able to exercise without the risk of injury.

I identify as transgender, would the classes be suitable for me?

The classes are inclusive and welcoming for everybody regardless of gender and other self identifications. 

What equipment would I need for my Pilates at home?

You would need a mat or large towel to lie on. If you have a wooden floor, you might need 2 towels for extra padding. A hand towel can be a great alternative to a traditional Pilates head cushion.

Optional extras – absolutely not essential:

2 x 50 ml weights, or  2 small bottles of water or 2 tins of beans.

A resistance band.

What should I wear?

Loose or stretchy trousers, leggings or similar in which you can easily move. A comfortable lightweight top. We don’t wear trainers, although non-slip socks can be useful if you are attending a venue.

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